About Us

Studio 11 Architects is an innovative and contemporary boutique architecture and interior design studio based in Malmö, Sweden.

We are architects and designers working with architecture, interior design, renovation, reconfiguration and space planning of residential and mixed-use retail and office environments. We aim to create timeless, inspirational, innovative and sustainable environments that promote social interaction, stimulate the imagination and improve quality of life. Our designs are embedded in the practicality and minimalistic sophistication of Scandinavian design.

Why Us?

Our process is simple: we don’t blindly search for an answer; we ask the right questions from the start and approach every project as a unique opportunity. Our focus is always on people, we open a dialogue, and through discussion and our considerable project experience, we engage in an extensive investigation of each project’s needs and constraints with the objective of delivering the highest level of design quality.

Who we are

Our goals are based in integrity, ethics, collaboration and knowledge. We work with architecture and interior design as a strategic tool and implement relevant and cost effective solutions that create value for our customers. We prioritise the uniqueness of each project by informing an awareness of place and context, craft and materiality, local climate, inclusion of sustainability, utilisation of energy and social impact.

We have more than eight years of broad experience providing full architectural and interior design services and a wide variety other consultative services encompassing consultancy and project management of various-scale projects and owner representation.

We enjoy and celebrate the diversity of our clients that include landowners and developers, private individuals and entrepreneurs. Our projects range from retail and lifestyle environments, workspaces, adaptive reuse and tenant improvements, interiors and residential to furniture and FF&E procurement of European brands.


Every step of our approach begins with you. Why would we do it any other way? We are committed and have an interest in you, your company and your project. We want to know all about your goals, listen to your plans for the future and be inspired into action. We work purposefully to create trust, transparency and common understanding with our clients and partners to realise their common vision for the project.

Through carefully curated questions, we quickly form a preliminary roadmap to translate your vision into reality.  Our concepts are developed on the basis of succeeding with our clients together and playing a pivotal role in improving the quality of our their life or business.


We are a company passionate about sustainability and we are intent on creating projects that are not only exceptional but are the best in ​the world and the best for the world. How? Our designs are always sympathetic to their natural and cultural surroundings. We believe in the power of circular architecture, and the restorative and regenerative system in which resources are retained and reused.

We blend knowledge, imagination and innovation and put all our resources to participate in finding solutions that help shift towards a more resource-efficient building industry. We consider the lifecycle of a building in each stage of the design process, from production to demolition and eventual reuse. Buildings, for us, are living objects that we aim to preserve for a long time by equipping them with flexible, adaptable structures that can evolve and serve many lifetimes.

Our Team

At Studio 11, we are a dedicated and passionate fusion of creativity balanced with a strong dose of integrity and professionalism. Studio 11 is more than just a team of architects, visualisers and construction engineers. We are a team of curious innovators and architecture nerds who love finding solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.


Zina Dawood is an architect, interior designer, dreamer and perfectionist. She earned her Architecture Master’s degree from Lund University and is a licensed architect in Sweden. Zina’s fascination around volumes, spaces, colours and the relationship between the human sentiment and their surroundings is matched with a deep love for architecture and design. Her approach is a harmonious composition of artistic concept design and user-friendly practicality. She believes successful designs must involve human senses, provoke emotions, leave positive impressions, encourage interactions and create unforgettable memories. As a result of this, we at Studio 11 share the belief that a building is more than a structure, it is a social landmark.