Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising guru, says:

“Life truly begins after you have put your house in order”

Storage can often be the make-or-break of a space, so what if you could optimise your space and increase its value at the same time? This is the central question behind our built-in storage solutions. We design permanent solutions that create storage where no-one thought to place it before; giving you more freedom and value for your investments and saving you from visual clutter!

Studio 11’s unique concept 2 to 3D

2(to)3D is a concept we’re really proud of, we think it has the potential to make a significant mark on the home and design industry, and make life much easier for homeowners.
Typically, we think of design as a two-dimensional sketch on a screen/paper. We think of floor plans, perhaps where we’ll place furniture, and we discuss storage space, but for some reason, we almost never consider the 3D aspect of our spaces. When we refer to the ‘3D aspect’, or in other words, where life really exists and where we run into problems of where to store our belongings. We often completely disregard those blank walls that stand, unused and unloved. In those areas lies great potential for integrated storage.
Forget the days of assembling flat-pack furniture and fumbling around with confusing instructions, only then to disassemble it all when you move out. By making the most of what is already there, we help you get perfectly fitting storage solutions that give you more space and peace of mind.
With our storage solutions, not only do you not have to struggle to assemble everything, the bespoke system we design will also be a major asset to the value of your property, not only while you live there, but also when you come to sell. By designing storage into the neglected aspects of its 3D plan, you create something that becomes a permanent fixture, increasing the property’s market value.

2D to 3D min
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Samples of the solutions we provide:

HALLWAY:  Is there such a thing as an organised hallway? We assure you that it does exist!
All you need is hidden storage, every drawer and shelf takes us a step further to achieving the same stunning, envy-inducing aesthetics that you see on the feeds of influencers abound. Hide all your clutter: that coat you drape over the sofa, the muddy shoes you banish to the corner of the room, the umbrella that drips all over your clean carpet. Tidy them away with ease by integrating a new approach to storage. You could even leave a bench space for your kids to tie their laces.

TV WALL:  Okay, so you want to settle down and watch a movie or your favourite TV series, but what’s this? All the cables are caught up with each other and the HMDI is lost somewhere underneath the coffee table. Oh and great, the dogs chewed the power lead.
With a built in TV wall, you don’t have that problem. You can grab a drink, make yourself comfortable and focus on enjoying a bit of entertainment. Bliss.

RADIATOR COVERS:  Everyone needs a radiator once that freezing winter creeps in, but doesn’t it look like such an eyesore at times? Why not blend it into the decor of the room with a beautiful bespoke cover. You can be mellow with the heat of the radiator and modern with the design of the cover. A perfect combination.

HEADBOARDS AND THE “HOTEL BEDROOM” CONCEPT:  The chances are if you’ve had a bed, you’ve had an annoying, loose and creaking headboard. Build it into the design of your room and you won’t have that issue anymore. You can relax and feel like you’re in a plush hotel where you don’t have to deal with loose screws and noisy headboards. Problem solved.

WALL-FITTED SHELVES AND CABINETS:   Any good design will include a great space for shelving. Afterall, a book is an essential part of life and so are those cute ornaments you found on your last exotic holiday. Except you don’t want to take up too much room with a wobbly, questionable bookshelf, or start hammering nails into the wall. Instead, why not take the existing wall and build one into it?

ACCENT WALLS:  Sometimes less is more, right? And when it comes to design, a small detail such as adding an accent wall, using wood panel detailing, creates a stunning focal point. Even under a tight budget, you can transform a wall into a beautiful topic of discussion.

WINDOW NOOK:  I think it’s fair to say most of us, at some point, have dreamt of dramatically staring out of the window while sitting on a little special corner. Have a window nook built into the design of your space and you can observe the beauty of a summer sunset, and the wonder of falling snowflakes without the discomfort of having to stand up.

LOFT CONVERSION:  There’s a space in your house which is always unloved and deserves to be utilised and revitalised for what it is: an opportunity. That space is your loft. Think of all the things you can do with a whole other room; turn it into an office, a second bathroom, an extra guest bedroom. The possibilities are endless!
Don’t let it go to waste.

WALL DIVIDERS:  Sometimes all it takes to change the entire dynamic and possibilities of a room is to install a wall divider. Your bedroom can become an area to chill and an office space, and your living room can be separate from your dining area. The list goes on and on!

How do we do this? Well, put simply, across 10 steps:
  1. We visit your space and take an in-depth review, offering a free consultation.
  2. We scan through your ‘vertical surfaces’ and use the ‘wasted’ areas to provide you with the solutions mentioned, intent on optimising your space by making use of those previously blank walls. This is to add more usability to your home, and also to create an additional asset to your home’s value.
  3. We analyse every optimisation possibility that will suit your individual needs.
  4. We then send you an offer with a comprehensive solution.
  5. You choose the items you wish to buy.
  6. We send you an invoice.
  7. We place the order.
  8. We notify you when the items are ready to be installed.
  9. We book an appointment.
  10. Our professional team delivers and installs the storage solution systems at your place.

As simple as that. Just an efficient process, designed to make the most of your time, space and money.

Still want to know more? Have a look at some sample of the solutions we provide and reach out to us with any further questions.