The first thing you might ask about Studio 11 is ‘Why 11?”. Well, believe it or not the number ‘11’ has

caused constant fascination among numerologists and spiritualists. Now, while architecture and interior

design may not immediately scream ‘spirituality’, there is method to this madness. The number 11

represents balance, creativity and intuition. At Studio 11, we believe that this is the cornerstone of what

truly great design is. It’s about much, much more than plugging measurements into a computer program.

It’s an art and a science; it’s problem solving and creative thinking. It’s all and more, in balance.

The point of the name is to represent this ‘balance’ that we hold so dearly as a company and which is

central to our approach and to our values. We wanted something that accurately sums us up. That’s it.

We are Studio 11, and we are a dedicated and passionate mix of creativity and imagination balanced with

a strong dose of integrity and professionalism.

Studio 11 is more than just a community of architects, visualisers and construction engineers. We are a

team of friendly innovators and architecture nerds who love finding solutions to seemingly impossible


Our projects are not only for the here and now, they plan ahead for future use by drawing on the

principles of sustainable design, optimisation and state-of-the-art engineering.

If you have a problem, we have the solution.

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